Do you know ? In now a days all most all every Kodi users are using the pairing procedure like vshare, olpair, flashx pair…etc to enjoy unlimited content in kodi. this is true. Why because these are the big server and having millions of Movies and Tv shows stored in their server and this is one of the reason to introduced pairing method to protect their servers from heavy load. Recently we interviewed one kodi user who is using kodi since 7 years. see what he saying about the server and decide.

Among those pairing servers the top most server is http://vshare eu pair/pair server. In this tutorial we are providing the latest review of this vshare pair, its all about vshare pair safe or not and benefits server and also If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of this server you have to read this article.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Vshare Pair/vshare Eu Pair

Every successful product has some advantages and also some disadvantages. Like all other servers such as olpair, flashx pair,..etc the vshare eu pair also has some disadvantages and some advantages.

You must know them before you are going to use its service. First of all we are going to know their pros (advantages). So let’s get started.

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Advantages Of This Vshare Pair

  • Vshare is the biggest server in the kodi servers list. It’s providing 67% of content to kodi users. This is the only reason to introduce vshare stream authorization.
  • Actually, it is preventing the interrupting ads which is irritating the users while watching their favourite videos.
  • It is obviously free to use its service up to four hours from the time your device IP address paired with the Kodi IP address.
  • You can use its service up to four hours that means your kodi able to deliver different videos up to 4 four hours with out any ads
  • You have a facility to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to get the unlimited time to watch your favourite videos at any restricted region

Disadvantages Of This Vshare Pair

  • It doesn’t have many disadvantages, that’s why every kodi user want to use its service. You can see the disadvantage is below lines.
  • Once your Kodi IP address has paired with Vshare pair IP address it can deliver the videos upto four hours duration
  • You have to pair both IP addresses (kodi and Vshare eu pair) when it lost connection for every four hours

Final Words Of Vshare Eu Pair Review

Me and Our team together asked different kodi users about the the vshare pair service and from those users one user has said few words about her experience. Her words are “As a kodi user, i have experienced much service from the different pairing servers, but when i have to say about vshare pair, i can say this vshare is the best pairing server than any other servers.

I can give the 5 star ratings to this vshare pair service, because i couldn’t get this much of better experince from any other various pairing servers.