OpenLoad is a file-hosting and file-sharing service where it’s users can upload any content and share the files by providing the link generated by OpenLoad. This is easy-to-use and easy-to-share platform has thus become extremely popular to save and share videos such as copies of all new and hit Hollywood movies and popular TV show episodes.

The Kodi add-on allows Kodi to connect to the OpenLoad service directly and find whatever the user is looking for with ease and speed. The variety of movies and shows it provides is the reason why OpenLoad is booming right now and is extremely popular.

What is the and  Authorization Error

Users have been reporting of this error they experience regularly while trying to access OpenLoad olpair links on Kodi which in fact makes them go for another server instead of the trustworthy and reliable OpenLoad olpair one.

Not an Error!

First let’s break the myth, this is not an error users are experiencing but instead a procedure implemented by OpenLoad olpair and to provide better experience to it’s users who stream millions of movies, videos and TV shows.

Openload wants everyone who uses their services to have a good experience and provide hosts to as many movies and TV Shows as possible. But this has become a difficult task for them due to their popularity and this is taking a toll on the server due to the large amount of requests to access a video. Kodi add-ons like Exodus, Covenant, Nemesis, Placenta etc. use scripts and codes embedded in them to find the direct link and provide the user with their requested video immediately. In the process, the server doesn’t get any benefits since the user accessing the video from their site won’t be able to view any ads off their site and this will decrease any potential revenue for OpenLoad which makes it hard for them to keep the server up.

Developers from OpenLoad partnered up with to make a pair access with the device or the network you are using and in the process of doing so you will be directed to OpenLoad and this will grant them revenue from ads which lets you help them for providing you with TV shows and movies.

How do we fix this “error”?

In this tutorial, we will show you the easiest method to fix this hinderance you are facing and make it go away instantly.

Guide To Fix https // /pair and http // pair  Authorization Error on Kodi 17.6

There are a few ways to go about this, we will show you two of the simplest methods to pair your device with OpenLoad.

Method1: Fix Olpair Streaming Authorization  Error By paring with

1.Enable your VPN-

You need to make sure you are not getting tracked by your original IP or your location isn’t being disclosed. So enable your VPN before getting inside any of this. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are some of the most reliable VPNs out there trusted worldwide.

express vpn for olpair

2.Open a web browser

We will need you to open your web browser and enter the link to be able to go ahead with this method. The web browser should be up-to-date with the latest scripts. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox work best.

open browser for olpair


3.Enter ” ” in the URL bar-

On the URL bar of your web browser, enter the link which is the site made by OpenLoad to help users pair their device and stream videos on platforms like Kodi.

olpair website

4.Complete the captcha

Click on I’m not a robot and solve any captcha that might appear to prove that you are human.

olpair pair option

5.Press Pair

Once you confirm that you are not a robot, hit pair button and your device and network will be paired with OpenLoad for the next 4 hours and you will be granted access to all of OpenLoad’s hosts and videos.

olpair pair


Repeat- After 4 hours, if you wish to stream more links from OpenLoad simply go to https Streamango com pair again and pair to extend the pairing for another 4 hours.

Fix Olpair Kodi Pair Within Kodi Any Addon

1.Add-ons> Video Add-ons> then Exodus.

  1. Open the video add-on you use in Kodi. Personally, I have been using Exodus for a long time, so I will take the same app for example. First and foremost, open Kodi and navigate to Exodus by going  Add-ons> Video Add-ons> then Exodus.

neptune rising for olpair


  • When you open Exodus, you will see a bunch of options to select from, choose Tools located near the bottom.

click on tool for olpair

  • Again, you will be greeted by a buch of options inside Tools which deal with the application Exodus. Navigate through them all until you find

3.SETTINGS: Providers. Use below image for reference.

playback settings

4.Hosters with Captchas Turn it “Off”

  • A new window should open with a bunch of options to choose from. What you’re looking for here is Hosters with Captchas from the dashboard. Once you find it, hit the knob on the right and disable it, then hit OK to confirm the changes.

click on ok option for olpair fix

Now that you have finished all the steps mentioned above, just reload the Exodus add-on for the changes to effect and then you should be able to stream movies and TV shows with ease. What these changes will do is disable any links that ask for you to pair or require captcha verifications so you only find the links that need you to only click on it to view them and use the least minimal amount of time required.

Final Words

OpenLoad hosts a ton of of Tv shows and movies in Kodi in a very simple manner with zero ads or lag and provide them to us for effectively zero cost like vshare eu pair. They definitely deserve to get some revenue and in fact need this revenue out of it so they can keep their servers running and OpenLoad pairing it with Kodi is the perfect and sensible way to do so as it allows them to bring us more reliable hosts for the newer shows and movies fast and also helps us to stream them with no buffer.

After following the steps of this article from either of the two methods mentioned, your error should not occur anymore and will be fixed now. The first is a temporary solution that allows you to view any OpenLoad file for 4 hours which has to be repeated afterwards and is a simple process to do so. The second one is a permanent one which removes all captcha required hosts from your screen to help you view anything of your choice quickly but you will definitely miss a lot of the high quality hosts and because of this we would recommend you the temporary solution over the permanent one.

If you still have any queries regarding OpenLoad Pairing, do comment down below so that your issue is resolved immediately. Thank you and have a nice day!