Are you a kodi user? are you getting any interrupting issues while trying to watch a movie or any other videos through the different addons? Then we had an answer with us. From this article, you can get the solution how to get rid of the unwanted servers issues and some other interruptions.

The kodi users have been increasing very rapidly from the kodi introduction. Because of this huge traffic, the kodi and its different addons are unable to load its content and unable to deliver the content what user wants to watch. For that, the kodi developers introduced a server and it is delivering the videos very well. Let me start the tutorial.

Why Do We Need To Fix Vshare eu pair

In nowadays the kodi is getting the huge traffic from the users and it is not from the one country or two countries, its almost all over the world. Because of this, the kodi addons are disqualified in delivering the different videos.To put a bridge to this error, the kodi developers have introduced the IP address pairing. With this pairing system, every user can get rid of the servers issues. There was a method to explain the solution to fix Let me start the tutorial to fix the

There is one method to fix the on your kodi. That method name is  Fix Vshare eu pair using hosters with captchas. The hosters with captchas is one of the best methods to fix So let us start our tutorial.

How to Fix Vshare eu pair using hoster with captchas

This is one of the methods to fix the stream authorization. It will help you a lot to get rid of different servers issues and other issues which are interrupting and not allowing to watch any videos on the kodi video addons. The below steps all are allow you to fix this on your kodi. So let’s see them and use them.

  1. You must start your “Kodi Software” to start our procedure
  2. From the home screen of kodi, you have to select “Addons”
  3. Now “Video Addons” would appear on your kodi screen, so just click on it
  4. Try to “Open Any Addon” (Exodus or any other)
  5. From that addon, you need to click on the “Settings” option
  6. Now “PlayBack” option comes to your screen, so click on that
  7. After that “Hosters With Captchas” option would appear
  8. You need to “Select” that option
  9. If the hosters with captchas option has “Turn On Mode”, you must convert it into “Turn Off” Mode
  10. Now our procedure has completed and you can use your kodi addons to watch any kind of videos.

That’s it your work has completed right now. You can watch your favourite videos and other videos through the kodi addons. after completion of the above procedure you have to check the above steps once again and then you can continue your procedure.

If you once follow this method on your kodi you no need to do anything else. You can watch any type of movies and shows now.