Hello guys! today our topic is “How to disable pairing pop-ups?”  like vshare eu pair. Are you getting these kinds of issues on your kodi? If yes we are going to tell you the solution through this article. Everybody is using the kodi but in nowadays every kodi software is giving some interrupted issues.

Now we are going to give a solution to get rid of the unwanted pairing pop-ups. If you want to get rid of this issue, you need to read this article and this will give you the full knowledge about the unwanted popup and the solution to remove that popup.

How to Disable pairing pop-ups on kodi

On your kodi, you will get vshare.eu/pair types of pairing popups while you are trying to watch a movie or any other videos on your kodi addons. Here most irritating pop up is URL Resolver pop up. This pop up absolutely comes when you are trying to watch a movie or any other interesting videos.

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Let me explain how to disable this URL resolve required pop up. After completion of the below procedure, you must check the steps once or twice then you may find any mistakes made by you.

  1. To start our procedure we need to “Open Kodi Software”
  2. Now you have to hit on the “Settings” icon
  3. Then chose “System Settings” icon
  4. From the left side of your screen, you need to select “Add-ons”
  5. Now choose “Manage Dependencies”
  6. Now you can get “URL Resolver” just click on it
  7. Now “Configure” option would appear to you just give a click on it
  8. Here you can select “Resolver 3 or 4” and then select “vshare eu pair”
  9. Here you may see “Enabled” option, you need to do “OFF or Disable” that enabled position

Note: This method will completely block those server, Means you can watch Videoshare, Openload Server content. We suggest only Stream authorization method for enjoy more movies.

This is the process to disable the “One of pairing pop-ups” on your kodi device. If you follow the above steps to avoid this pop-up, definitely you would get a better result. So once try this and have your videos with no disturbances.


Most of the kodi users are enjoying well with their favorite videos. But suddenly some interrupting pop-ups are appearing to them while watching a movie or any other videos. From the above lines, we have tried to solve one of the irritating pop-ups. We also have given the best solution to avoid that issue on your kodi software.

If you are getting any other pop-ups rather than this, you can ask us for a solution. We try to solve that pop-ups issue. So ask us and solve your issues.