Vshare eu pair like all other servers issues such as olpair, TVad.me pair, flashx pair,…etc We have given different types of solutions for different types of servers issues. So now we are coming with the solution to how to disable vshare eu pair on your kodi software. If you want to get rid of this server issue, you have to spend some time with us.

Before we are going to start our tutorial I want to discuss the vshare and how it comes to our kodi software. Actually, this server would come while we are trying to watch a movie on our kodi software. It will not give a chance to watch our selected video in any other way. To avoid this servers issue we need to fix vshare eu pair.

For that just follow the below steps and get rid of this issue.

How to Disable vshare eu pair on kodi By Using Two Methods

If you want to disable the Vshare eu pair on your kodi software you have two methods and we are going to learn that both methods through this article let me start the tutorial.

Disable http://vshare.eu/pair Error On Kodi Through The Stream Authorization

By using the stream authorization method you can disable the vshare eu pair error on your kodi. So why late just start the tutorial and have your favourite videos on your kodi software.

  1. Start your “Kodi Software”
  2. Select any of your addons ” To watch a movie or any video”
  3. Now a pop up would appear and the pop up is “Load All The Servers”
  4. Now from that servers you have to select “Vshare”
  5. After selecting that vshare you will get a pop up “To play this video stream authorization required’
  6. Now you have to visit ” https://vshare. eu/pair” to get the IP address
  7. After getting the IP address you have to “Pair That IP address with the Vshare IP address”
  8. Now solve the captchas like “I am Not A Robot” and also “Some other Captchas”
  9. Finally, click on the “Active Streaming” and then you would get “Your device Paired Successfully” pop will appear to you.

This is the first method to disable the Vshare eu pair on your kodi. Now you can watch your favourite videos up to four hours. After four hours you have to pair your device IP address with the Vshare IP address.

How To Get URL Resolver To Disable Vshre eu Pair On Kodi

  • Launch “Kodi Software“> “Settings”> “System Settings”> “Expert Mode” if not available convert “Settings mode” to “Expert Mode”
  • Then chose “Addons”> “Manage Dependency“> “URL Resolver”
  • After that click on “Information page”> “Configure“> “Resolvers List“> “Vshare eu Pair
  • Here you can easily disable “Vshare eu Pair Resolver“> Finally click on “Confirm

That’s it if you follow this method you can disable the Vshare eu pair servers issue with in two minutes.